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About Us Who We Are

Khwarizmi Enterprises was founded with a clear mission to help businesses go digital with simplicity. A leading-edge company specializing in digital transformation technologies and consultancy services focused on providing solutions powered by the digital revolution in a simplistic way.  

The Digital Space 

The world has transformed into a global village, where social media is changing the way we do business, interact and express our thoughts and believes.   

Change is essential for businesses to sustain its presence in a world of limitless digital opportunities. However, change sometimes comes with a price and complexity. 

Our Philosophy 

We, at Khwarizmi Enterprises believe in the need for “simplicity”. We aim at becoming a leader in providing “simple”, yet comprehensive and effective, solutions to help organizations, governments and individuals “speak” the language of 21st century and beyond. 


Innovative Charisma 

From Startups, SMEs to Large Corporations we focus on our customer needs and requirements to enable our clients to optimize, automate, integrate, enable productivity and diversify their business to realize true transformational change, growth and return on investments.  

Our Strengths 

Khwarizmi leverages upon years of result-driven rich experience of its founders, teams & business partners. We have expertise & hand-on experience to engage, execute plans, implement strategies and provide results even in challenging economic times. 

Our Vision To be one of the world’s top technology innovators and a leading provider of solutions that bring new possibilities to the way people do business

Our Mission We strive to help our customers transform and digitize their businesses in a simple, fast and efficient manner to help them grow and expand beyond the barriers of traditional work models.